Lusco Fusco

by Kurup



"Lusco fusco is that moment of the day when the last sun-rays disappear…

The first song is a collaboration with Ely Janoville in the acoustic guitar. He is a very good friend of mine who lives in Brasilia, my hometown.

The second song is a pun based on "Maculelê", which is a dance of Afro-Brazilian origin, from the state of Bahia, Brazil. The Maculelê is a form of theatrical and musical expression that is still used in some parts of the country, especially in Quilombola communities, where knowledge is passed from generation to generation to preserve its traditional characteristics.”

We can hear melancholy without regrets, we can hear the echoes of the past diluted in the eyes of someone looking beyond the endless horizon… can you hear it too?


released October 4, 2018

Master: Nathan Hall
Artwork: Möstros (


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